Monday, November 24, 2014


In the movie blindsight they had to give to help the kids to climb the summit of mount Everest. they fell they argued they had fun they got  sick’ but that did not stop them because the  made a commitment to the kids that they would keep going. some of the kids had to go down because they were getting sick. Tashi realized that if he kept going he would've had to give up his life. the headaches were really bad for the children and the adults to. so the adults just took  them to a huge ice glacier type thing.  this little boy just pushed on a chunk of ice and it almost fell right on top of him. but in the end they were happy  to give what they did and the kids realized their is something other then being blind in them.

sacrifice revolves in my life because i give a lot of things to help my  family. My family means more then anything to me, and if anything were to happen to them i wouldn't know what to do. i’v sacrificed a lot of things for my family. i had leave my best friends because we move a lot. My grandma has cancer. and she keeps talking how the doctors can do anything about it.  and she dosnt want sympathy from any body. It hurts to hear and see that  it is physically hurting her. when she dies i wont have a friend a grandma that actually loves me any more.

by lane ebsen