Friday, October 31, 2014

the demon of ohs

The Demon Of OHS
Their were screams coming from both locker rooms, their was evil laughter coming from down stairs. I run down their I see Harry Lovemuffin. 
So it's a regular day at OHS, anyway, I think. The weird laughter is back. I ask to leave the class room. I run down stairs. I smell dirty baby diapers and rotten flesh. It smell terrible so I run back up and arm myself with pepper spray and a can of ginger&spice febreeze. Of course the power in the basement goes out. So I grab my flashlight out of my back pack. The smell gets stronger. I follow the smell of the dirty diapers and rotten flesh and I see something. I go up to it but it disappears. 
I go back down to the basement in third period, while Mr. Hostert wasn't looking. I see the thing again. It looks like a killer clown! It has red hair, make up on, wearing a dirty diaper, has sharp pointy teeth, has an ammo belt full of gummy bears and a gummy  bear gun. When I saw him he was looking for something. He kept muttering malfunction, malfunction. He had an axe in his hand he raised it over his head and pulled it down with all his strength. Wham! Something wet splattered all over my face. I ran to the bathroom to see what it was and it was candy blood.
The next day I went down to the basement and he wasn't there. I heard a door shut then a lock, click, I was locked inside the basement. I found really weird things that were too disturbing to talk about. There was a room were screams were coming from. I found a key and unlocked the door. I found peoples bodies that have been mortified and burned. they were really old. I walked in the room cautiously not to wake the dead and something grabs my leg and says HELP ME PLEASE I’M TRAPPED. I kick it away revealing some kind  of door. I open it and all the spirits that are dead come back into their bodies. The ghost is coming.  I can here is voice, it sounds kind of squeaky. He jumps down the stairs 3 by 3.  When he gets down there he sees me and says get out or I’ll take your friends. 
I go and warn my friends but he's already shooting them with a gummy bear gun.  It was a scary thing but we threw gummy worms at him and he perished forever. We still remember the mean, evil, stupid, clown that went non peaceful and left his eye.. He gave me creepy disturbing nightmares that will haunt  me for the rest of my life.
by lane ebsen

Thursday, October 23, 2014

my adverb poem

medieval joker
medieval joker jokes foolishly
medieval joker jokes foolishly dangerously
medieval joker foolishly dangerously idiotically
foolishly dangerously idiotically immaturely 
when i open the door of nightmares   

Friday, October 17, 2014

the hogwarts halloween

It was the night of Halloween. Harry,Ron,and  Herimine were helping decorate the house Gryffindor. There were spiders every were. Professer Mcgonagall called them down to the main hall. Professor Dumbledore had a treat for them.

They went to the main hall. When they got their they were amazed by the decorations and the feast. phoenixes were flying every, unicorn fights,collections of quidditch trophies on the very top shelves,ghosts flying, spooky jack-o-lanterns.

Finally harry was able to sit down and eat a meal fit for a king.he smelled sweets, strong apple cider,musty old rat carcass. He looked at the dark murky waters as he ate his steak. Then he ate potatoes,cheesy fries, popcorn jello and all the foods you could imagine.

  And that  night they learned to be friends and eat a lot of candy.