Friday, August 29, 2014

my bedroom

                                          MY BEDROOM                                    

Here is my room. my room is really messy. you will see my star wars theme bedroom.I have hangers,clothes,video games,cords, and movies all over the place. I have a whole bunch of star wars collectibles.  Well i have a Yoda figure It is green. it means a lot to me, because   my grandma Dorothy Moon gave it to me. Also have a C3_PO coffee mug.  i have a Yoda goblet for drinking (sparkling water punch nutmeg hot apple cider) on special occasions. 
My other items means stuff to me too. like my black flat screen T.V. it is 32 inches/has led lighting,3 Hdmi ports, a built in recorder.  IT HAS ALOT OF SPECIAL FEATURES TO. I CAN GET A COVER FOR IT AND HAVE A CAMO TV. I CAN HOOK UP MY COMPUTER TO IT. NEXT I HAVE MY HORROR BOOKS. LIKE I HAVE A HORROR BOOK CALLED HALLOWEEN. ITS ABOUT HALLOWEEN BUT 3 KIDS GO TRICK OR TREATING BUT WHEN IT COMES TO THE DAY OF HALLOWEEN ONLY ONE COMES BACK. THE OTHER BOOK IS CALLED THIRST. IT A STORY ABOUT a VAMPIER. THEN I HAVE A BLACK MINIEBOOK HP LAPTOP. I HAVE A BLACK PALLIATION 2. it is a rectangular box. about one inch thick and 6 inches long. i have lonely books waiting to be red. The books are crying to be read. they haven't been open for a while be cause iv been busy. IVE BEEN LOKING FOR A TIME TO BE ABLE TO READ  THEM. WHEN I DO READ THEM I WILL READ SEVRAL BOOKS AT ONCE. ONE OF THE BOOKS I HAVE IS CALLED FALL OF THE GIANTS.  ITS  697 PAGES LONG. I’m rich beyond measure.