Friday, December 12, 2014

chatter pix the talking dumpster

i am a dumpster yes a dumpster i stalk you as you walk by it hurts when you throw trash at me and slam the door on me

Thursday, December 11, 2014

kiss of death

                                                                      kiss of death
                                                                       when god says goodbye
                                        when its time to go
you can go to heaven
 or you can go to satan 
kiss of death
a dark scary thing
when we pass
we hope for one thing
to go to heaven 
and not to satan
kiss of death
it has a deathly silence 
the kiss of death

cement poem shape poem

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

gamma dorthy

gamma has cancer
her favriot reindeer is prancer
her favriot pudding is tapioca

found poem

discrimination is not a pretty thing
                              discrimination is a horrible sound
discrimination is the end of the world

acrostic poem

    blood suckers
    atoms apple biters
    teddy bear killers
    sleepers in the daylight

Monday, November 24, 2014


In the movie blindsight they had to give to help the kids to climb the summit of mount Everest. they fell they argued they had fun they got  sick’ but that did not stop them because the  made a commitment to the kids that they would keep going. some of the kids had to go down because they were getting sick. Tashi realized that if he kept going he would've had to give up his life. the headaches were really bad for the children and the adults to. so the adults just took  them to a huge ice glacier type thing.  this little boy just pushed on a chunk of ice and it almost fell right on top of him. but in the end they were happy  to give what they did and the kids realized their is something other then being blind in them.

sacrifice revolves in my life because i give a lot of things to help my  family. My family means more then anything to me, and if anything were to happen to them i wouldn't know what to do. i’v sacrificed a lot of things for my family. i had leave my best friends because we move a lot. My grandma has cancer. and she keeps talking how the doctors can do anything about it.  and she dosnt want sympathy from any body. It hurts to hear and see that  it is physically hurting her. when she dies i wont have a friend a grandma that actually loves me any more.

by lane ebsen

Friday, October 31, 2014

the demon of ohs

The Demon Of OHS
Their were screams coming from both locker rooms, their was evil laughter coming from down stairs. I run down their I see Harry Lovemuffin. 
So it's a regular day at OHS, anyway, I think. The weird laughter is back. I ask to leave the class room. I run down stairs. I smell dirty baby diapers and rotten flesh. It smell terrible so I run back up and arm myself with pepper spray and a can of ginger&spice febreeze. Of course the power in the basement goes out. So I grab my flashlight out of my back pack. The smell gets stronger. I follow the smell of the dirty diapers and rotten flesh and I see something. I go up to it but it disappears. 
I go back down to the basement in third period, while Mr. Hostert wasn't looking. I see the thing again. It looks like a killer clown! It has red hair, make up on, wearing a dirty diaper, has sharp pointy teeth, has an ammo belt full of gummy bears and a gummy  bear gun. When I saw him he was looking for something. He kept muttering malfunction, malfunction. He had an axe in his hand he raised it over his head and pulled it down with all his strength. Wham! Something wet splattered all over my face. I ran to the bathroom to see what it was and it was candy blood.
The next day I went down to the basement and he wasn't there. I heard a door shut then a lock, click, I was locked inside the basement. I found really weird things that were too disturbing to talk about. There was a room were screams were coming from. I found a key and unlocked the door. I found peoples bodies that have been mortified and burned. they were really old. I walked in the room cautiously not to wake the dead and something grabs my leg and says HELP ME PLEASE I’M TRAPPED. I kick it away revealing some kind  of door. I open it and all the spirits that are dead come back into their bodies. The ghost is coming.  I can here is voice, it sounds kind of squeaky. He jumps down the stairs 3 by 3.  When he gets down there he sees me and says get out or I’ll take your friends. 
I go and warn my friends but he's already shooting them with a gummy bear gun.  It was a scary thing but we threw gummy worms at him and he perished forever. We still remember the mean, evil, stupid, clown that went non peaceful and left his eye.. He gave me creepy disturbing nightmares that will haunt  me for the rest of my life.
by lane ebsen

Thursday, October 23, 2014

my adverb poem

medieval joker
medieval joker jokes foolishly
medieval joker jokes foolishly dangerously
medieval joker foolishly dangerously idiotically
foolishly dangerously idiotically immaturely 
when i open the door of nightmares   

Friday, October 17, 2014

the hogwarts halloween

It was the night of Halloween. Harry,Ron,and  Herimine were helping decorate the house Gryffindor. There were spiders every were. Professer Mcgonagall called them down to the main hall. Professor Dumbledore had a treat for them.

They went to the main hall. When they got their they were amazed by the decorations and the feast. phoenixes were flying every, unicorn fights,collections of quidditch trophies on the very top shelves,ghosts flying, spooky jack-o-lanterns.

Finally harry was able to sit down and eat a meal fit for a king.he smelled sweets, strong apple cider,musty old rat carcass. He looked at the dark murky waters as he ate his steak. Then he ate potatoes,cheesy fries, popcorn jello and all the foods you could imagine.

  And that  night they learned to be friends and eat a lot of candy.

Friday, September 12, 2014

My unforgettable day of school

Cole said “Kill him.” It was the 2nd week of school in third grade I was having trouble
with my grades. I was a little mad, so I went to lunch and ate it. I believe for lunch that day I had a crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich.
I went outside. That’s when I saw Pryce hurting a kindergartner. I was even more mad. i was more then mad; I was furious. I ran up to Pryce and told him to leave the kindergarten student alone. Next thing I know I was on the ground. i got up and i rushed him. I kicked him in the stomach. Then he grabbed my neck and squeezed. It was hard to breathe. It was something I’v never felt before.I grabbed his neck and squeezed as hard as I could. His face turned bright red. and then he released me. I couldn't  stop then I looked away. It looked like Cole was coming at me it looked as if he had something in his hand. It looked like his camera. Then I knew what was about to happen. I let go of Pryce ready to go away but he got up;  then he grabbed me by my neck and choke slammed me.  I crawled slowly in pain bleeding  in the mouth and nose cuts on my face,coughing up blood. Then the principal came and I got in really big trouble, and I got expelled. I came to O’Neill
The lesson to be learned is to never get into trouble in school.  I still get into trouble even though I try not to.

Friday, August 29, 2014

my bedroom

                                          MY BEDROOM                                    

Here is my room. my room is really messy. you will see my star wars theme bedroom.I have hangers,clothes,video games,cords, and movies all over the place. I have a whole bunch of star wars collectibles.  Well i have a Yoda figure It is green. it means a lot to me, because   my grandma Dorothy Moon gave it to me. Also have a C3_PO coffee mug.  i have a Yoda goblet for drinking (sparkling water punch nutmeg hot apple cider) on special occasions. 
My other items means stuff to me too. like my black flat screen T.V. it is 32 inches/has led lighting,3 Hdmi ports, a built in recorder.  IT HAS ALOT OF SPECIAL FEATURES TO. I CAN GET A COVER FOR IT AND HAVE A CAMO TV. I CAN HOOK UP MY COMPUTER TO IT. NEXT I HAVE MY HORROR BOOKS. LIKE I HAVE A HORROR BOOK CALLED HALLOWEEN. ITS ABOUT HALLOWEEN BUT 3 KIDS GO TRICK OR TREATING BUT WHEN IT COMES TO THE DAY OF HALLOWEEN ONLY ONE COMES BACK. THE OTHER BOOK IS CALLED THIRST. IT A STORY ABOUT a VAMPIER. THEN I HAVE A BLACK MINIEBOOK HP LAPTOP. I HAVE A BLACK PALLIATION 2. it is a rectangular box. about one inch thick and 6 inches long. i have lonely books waiting to be red. The books are crying to be read. they haven't been open for a while be cause iv been busy. IVE BEEN LOKING FOR A TIME TO BE ABLE TO READ  THEM. WHEN I DO READ THEM I WILL READ SEVRAL BOOKS AT ONCE. ONE OF THE BOOKS I HAVE IS CALLED FALL OF THE GIANTS.  ITS  697 PAGES LONG. I’m rich beyond measure.